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Event Marketing-Simplified

Why do we attend events? Why do we conduct events? We all know that connections are important to building relationships. Events give you that opportunity. Having event marketing as a standard fixture in your marketing plan gives you certain powers that do not come with any other type of marketing.

Online events

With the proliferation of digital business, online events are getting popular. The tech savvy buyer is ever present here and you miss them if you believe that it is not worth a shot. There are various types of online events.


Virtual Events

Live Streaming Events

They connect you to your audience directly, unhinged and straight forward. This has its advantages too. It is less costly, your reach does not include geographic limits and you know an attendee is interested in your product or service a lot more than just a visitor strolling through your kiosk at a trade show.

Off line events

Trade shows



Breakfasts and meet-ups

People love to meet people and events are the perfect platform for this. If you are looking to leverage events to your favor, Tradeshowconnect is the perfect fit for this. We have a customized approach towards getting your brand the necessary mileage by adapting various platforms to work in unison to achieve desirable results for you.

About us

Approaching an event requires you to have a steady goal strategy. It is not enough if you create an event and expect a crowd to walk in, just because you have pretty stands and free food. Goal setting requires you to be realistic, simple and easy to achieve.

We understand events and also understand that there is no magic wand! With a focused approach, a solid game plan and a multi stage strategy, we have learned to generate results for various industries across the globe. With over 13 years of experience in handling some of the largest trade shows in the US and Europe, we have been able to convert boring tradeshows to a thriving destination of business

Events are able to give us results if we utilize them well. Given below are metrics which give us an understanding of what event goals should be and how they convert to good business.

Event marketing - The basics

Every event is unique, so is the industry it caters to. This brings us to the big question of how to approach them effectively to generate desirable results. To this end, we have a multi stage progressive plan that allows us to consolidate all the requirements and give you results are these various levels. This is the best and only way to ensure that all your requirements are met at the right time. From the start of the plan to the execution to post event marketing, we have got it all covered!

Turning traffic into revenue!

Creating offers that your audience need and want

Generating leads from websites and landing pages

Generating sales from online leads by lead nurturing and conversion

Analyze and measure you results

What we do for you to rock it!

We have an array of tools and services that are put into motion at the right time to maximize returns for you. These have been picked and conditioned to deliver the best results to ensure that your event is a success, even before it starts!

Post event marketing

It's doesn’t stop with the event. We have a plan to make sure that you get hot leads delivered right to your email.

All events are designed to attract attention. When done right, it does attract the right crowd. The catch is when nothing is done post event. With a strong program that is ready to execute after the event is done, we will be able to give you a lot more than ever anticipated.

Metrics that matter

All this is of no consequence if we do not have the proper metrics to measure all the processes. We have that covered too!